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Well, after 10 days and 1300 miles, I enjoy my new Mazda 6 more and more each day. See my car stats at the bottom of this message. I keep looking for new places to drive each weekend. Thanks to all for the great information and ideas in this forum.

I had a 99 Protege prior to the purchase of my 6. Although the dimensions aren't THAT much bigger than the Protege, it certainly seems much bigger. And as far as looks and speed, there is NO comparison. I never really liked the look of the new Altima and the Camry seems rather plain.

Here's my initial thoughts:
The ride is smooth. While people say the Altima and others have a bit more juice to them, I can't complain. The 6s moves FAST, great handling. The Sport AT allows you to shift just like a Manual tranny with no clutch. While I drive in Automatic most of the time, it's always fun to switch to manual mode at a stop light when you see a 'fast' car next to you.

So far, I love the leather interior. We'll see as time goes on.

Tinting added that extra touch that makes the car look just a little bit better.

Trunk space is great, much bigger than anticipated.

Bose stereo system.. WOW. Sound is excellent.

In my area, the dealers are having a real hard time stocking the v6 Mazda 6's. When I bought mine last week, it was the last one in town. They were turning people away who wanted to buy one while i was signing the paperwork. They had some of the 4 cylinders in stock, but the v6's sell as soon as they get them, and they only get a few in at a time. I have not yet seen another 6 in town on the road.

Now time to load Microsoft Streets and Trips and plan some weekend excursions....


Glacier Silver Mazda 6s
v6 220 hp
5 Speed Sport AT
Leather Seat Upholstery
Power Moonroof
Sport Package
Bose Audio Package 6 cd player 6 speaker + SW
Comfort Package
Side Air Bags & Side Air Curtains

Add on: Window Tint
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