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07 MS6, double din-able? without customizing?

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browsing through, it seems the OEM HU can be removed
the old fashion way.....not like the ones that i've seen in regular Mazda 6s....

can anyone confirm if i can replace the bose unit w/ an
aftermarket double din HU without customizing?
All i wanna do is remove the bose HU, install my double din + scosche kit (or similar)
I'm only lookin' @ 07 MS6 only.....

thx in advance!
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sorry, it's the same HU as 2006. the HVAC controls are still tied into the factory radio. the only way to install an aftermarket radio would be to:
1. keep the factory radio wired in the car, i.e. trunk, under dash, etc.
2. custom fit a 1 1/2 din radio or smaller, i.e. fiberglass.

also, the previous years' metra kit will not work either.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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