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Hi all!
I live in Perth Western Australia & Recently purchased a beautiful charcoal Mazda 6 - six speed manual, one owner from new, immaculate condition. The engine is a 2.3L 4cyl.

Potential issue: temperature gauge fluctuation;
I find that once the vehicle is in operable temperature range, the temp actually fluctuates a fair amount.
I mainly notice the difference between highway or freeway driving compared to peak hour bumper to bumper scenarios.
In traffic the gauge will show half way, however at much higher speeds with good air flow it shows around 1/4.

question: is this normal?
I read somewhere that vehicles equipped with a tow ball are required to have excess plastic / components removed from the front bumper area to increase airflow and thus avoid risk of overheating whilst towing... would this be correct and pertinent to my observation?

many thanks in advance guys & gals!
- Sam
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