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Not sure if this is the right section for this but if not mods please move to the appropriate section.

I had the clutch and flywheel replaced in my 03 M6S V6 with a Clutch masters fx300 and a fidanza flywheel.
Car drives awesome now and i can obviously feel a difference in acceleration.
However, I am also posting this as a helpful tip for all you southern california M6 drivers out there that are looking for a reputable shop to work on your cars without charging you an arm, a leg, and a testicle (if you have them). The work was done at Whitfield Racing (formerly known as Hookups Import Tek) The mechanic was named Paul. They did an excellent job and car was ready the next day and this included rebuilding of the driver and passenger front axles and replacing the rear motor mount. I purchased the clutch and flywheel from RPM for a total of $819.90 and the motor mount from a mazda dealership for $66.96 for a total of $886.86 in parts. Labor was $500.00 even and the axles were $100 each. for a grand total of $1586.86. The last estimate i received from a shop located in rialto, ca was $1486.00 just to replace the clutch not including flywheel, rear motor mount, or the axles.

So for anyone looking for a good shop to work on our cars check out Whitfield racing. as $100 more than a regular shop would charge for just the clutch replacement is well worth it. They normally work on Hondas and my car was only the second Mazda clutch replacement they've done (other was a 3). However i know the Owner from way back in my street racing days '98 '99 and i know that he can pretty much do anything to any car.

Whitfield Racing
8455 Loma Place
Upland, ca 91786

EDIT: spelling etc.
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