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亚洲区 第二帖

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全部, 全部都係食屎狗, 戇疚疚食賓周! lol
Yup!! 不能讲词。使用这些花梢节目对少女闲谈。[/b]
Haha! That's fucking hilarious.
OMG derek... what u r writing are all in cantonese?? and all are bad words... and you meant us all??... lets all bash him!! lol hmm interesting.. so we have mandarin, cantonese? let me add taiwanese.. lol 幹你阿妈操78!!!!LOL.... man... k lets respect the asia forum shall we??BTW, alex6speed, that's some fuckin funny shit translation.. LOL.. didnt know if glacier understands that shit..[/b]
係呀, 咁又點呀? 你吹咩??? 你再叫人翻譯你就係一個on 9仔! hahaha
It's a swearing way of saying something along the lines of "stupid guy". 9 sort of means cock.[/b]
It's not swearing at all, just like calling you idiot. You're on9仔 = You're an idiot. Smart ass.
1 - 7 of 60 Posts
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