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‘08 6i Brakes

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2008 Mazda 6i
I replaced Rotors (drilled/slotted) Pads and Guide pins on all four corners a few months ago and my question is sometimes my brakes work really well but %90 percent of the time they work good, so I’m curious what could be causing that. I know they aren’t grabbing and the pedal never feels any different. Either way my brakes work good so it’s not a major concern just curiosity. Or maybe it’s all in my head.

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Moisture and pad compound make a difference here. What pads are you running?
Another things to maybe do is try to bleed again. I have chased out air after I thought I got everything.
I would be nice if you could get that 10% great, swapped with that 90% good eh?
I know you just dropped coin on new stuff but for that awesome brake feel the mazdaspeed6 clamps are magnificent.
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