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won't start
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  1. Mazda 6 1st Generation (2002-2008)
    Mazda 6 2007 won’t start / no crank Hello, thank you for having me on this forum. Ton of info here but nothing that has solved this issue for me so far. I don’t have any experience with car tinkering so please don’t be shy to explain your thoughts as if I’m a 6 year old. I’m a Mazda 6 2007...
  2. 1st-Gen
    Hello everyone. I'm new to the channel, but I'm a long time Mazda owner (owned four over 25 years.) I recently had to replace my starter motor and I decided to make a "how to" video. I hope it helps you out. Let me know if you all have any questions.
1-2 of 2 Results