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  1. Electrical / HVAC
    So I’ve read most of the forum posts, Reddit threads but I can’t seem to find a clear solution. When I’m driving my car (16’ M6) for longer than 45 minutes, the Radio/Bluetooth stop working, but also when it either gets too cold or too hot. I can still access NAV & settings This has been...
  2. Mazda 6 antenna diagram 4dr 5dr.jpg

    Antenna routing in Mk1 Mazda 6 sedan and hatch
  3. Electrical / HVAC
    I bought some led strips to put around my front headlights but I don't know how to wire them into the blinkers. There is 3 wires a positive, negative, and one that goes to the blinker but I am not sure where that goes. Does anyone know where I can wire it too or if its even possible? I have a 05...
  4. Mazda 6 1st Generation (2002-2008)
    Currently hooking up a subwoofer to my 2007 Mazda 6... Every diagram I can find tells me my speaker wires are pink and violet but I can not find those wires anywhere in my wiring harness, am I looking I’m the wrong place or the wrong diagram?
  5. Electrical / HVAC / Lighting / Audio
    Hello fellow drivers, I am confused and stuck at the step of wiring as I am no professional. I have contacted Mazda as well to give me advice and they have provided me with a diagram on how to perform the task but it only partially helped. I still can't get the part loose and have been scouring...
  6. 1st-Gen
    Hi All, i am going to install an after market stereo into my coin pocket or on top of the dash with a single din fascia top pocket. A few things first. I dont want to remove the standard stereo. I am going to be installing an amp to run the speakers. Its a nose Bose unit, i know that the stereo...
1-6 of 6 Results