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  1. 1st-Gen
    Have anyone put their 6 on sn95 Mustang's tribars? Would be interesting to know how do they fit or look on 6 :D
  2. Wheels / Tires
    2020 GT 2.5L T-I4 no mods-daily driver. Took it in for my second ever oil change at 11,400. Denied tire rotation because the rears were down to 3/32 and 4/32! Fronts were 6/32 and 7/32. I was flabbergasted. I had the tires rotated with the first oil change on 5/26/21, but the depths weren't...
  3. 3rd-Gen
    I'm contemplating on going to 20" wheels or staying with the 19" wheels that I have. I've tried to search through the forums to compare but still no hope. I've already exchanged info with @Byakuya and received some very good information. I mean, whats a 1/2 inch growth all the way around...
  4. Wheels / Tires
    Hey everybody on this episode of "Will It Fit?" I have a 2004 Mazda 6 S Wagon, just picked up some Avid1 AV-06 Wheels that are 18x8.5 +38 in my bolt pattern of 5x114.3 Looking for tire setups and was wondering if a 225/40ZR18 would fit Stock ride height but would like to go low in the future...
  5. Wheels / Tires
    Hey guys, I’m currently looking for OEM 2018-2020 M6 Touring wheels (not the bright silver finish). Is anyone selling theirs in good condition? 3 of mine are bent and I couldn’t find them anywhere anymore. I don’t want to spend money on aftermarket wheels because I just got new tires before...
  6. Suspension / Brakes
    Hi, check out this picture - this part got somehow dislodged as I was cleaning the tires and hosing water upwards into the wheel housing. I didn’t see where it came from, and then boom, it suddenly appeared there on the pavement. I thought maybe it was some debris from the road that just...
  7. Mazda6 (Atenza)
    I have a 2015 Mazda6i and Im trying to get some new Niche Wheels, i don’t know much about cars in general but I wanted to know what kinda wheels specs fits, the offset on the niche wheels are 35mm and Im not sure if they’ll work or not
  8. 3rd-Gen
    I'm planning on buying a set of wheels and lower springs this summer but I cant figure out what I want to go with. The car is a 2014 Mazda 6 in black so silver wheels generally look the best on it. I have my top pics listed below, let me know which is your favorite or any recommendations. Also...
  9. Wheels & Tires
    06 Mazda wagon jumped timing and has a few other things wrong so it’s off to the scrap yard. (Or lay around 7k to repair). Rims (and car) have 93000 miles on them, tires have less than 100 miles. Tires are well-rated General Altimax 245/45/r18. Just trying to recoup a bit of the cash. 250...
  10. Wheels / Tires
    I’m interested in 2 different wheels and need some advice on fitment and tire sizes. Here’s my goal: 1. Upgrading the look of the wheels. 2. Minimizing wheel gap over the 19s by either using a wheel/tire combo that fills the wheel well a little more or changing wheels and tires then lowering...
  11. New wheels

    now I just need springs..
1-11 of 11 Results