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  1. Suspension / Brakes
    I've got an annoying knocking sound at low speeds or going over bumps, which I confirmed were the sway bar bushings by temporarily disconnecting the endlinks and taking it for a drive. No endlinks, no more knocking. I already ordered the bushings (they were like $25 for both), but the more I...
  2. 3rd-Gen
    So I gave Donkey Grundle's post about the Progress RSB a look through as well as some comments here and there and people have had great results from this sway bar: Progress Technology, 62.1127, rear anti sway bar, 2014 Mazdaspeed 3. Did the Mazda 6 undergo any suspension revisions or redesigns...
  3. 3rd-Gen
    Looking for Rear Sway bar suggestions, I've been wanting to do this for so long but reluctant because Ive heard all the nightmares people have had with rear end links/clunking/contact with other suspension parts when lowered. I was thinking the progress bar with Moog end links? I currently have...
1-3 of 3 Results