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  1. Front suspension and brake issues

    Suspension / Brakes
    Hello guys. We own a Mazda 6 1st generation since 2004 that has 115.000 km on it. As far as i can remember, my father was always saying that the car is pulling right, but nο one could fix it. After new tires on and fresh alignment the problem seems to be gone to some degree, but it comes back...
  2. Steering moves slightly to the left when braking...Mazda 6 2004 V6 Wagon

    Newbie Section
    So I bought my Mazda 6 from a teacher a few months back. The car has done 122k miles thus far. The guy I bought it from had Westlake tires 205 50 R17 on them. I was driving one day I could hear a constant sound from the front left tire. I inspected the tire and saw that a screw had lodged into...