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  1. 3.0L V6
    this is my 2nd engine that has been rebuilt with the same parts (besides water pump) since i’ve lost compression from the original motor. recently i’ve replaced my belt tensioner, idle pulley, belt. and oil. the car ran great! alternator charged the battery efficiently since most pulleys are...
  2. 1st-Gen
    Hello, can anyone tell me what type of serpentine belt i should buy for my 2004 mazda 6 2.0l? I am also looking for a diagram, the previous belt snapped and i couldn't read the letters/sizing nor did i see how the belt was put on. Thank you Jakob.
  3. Engine / Suspension / Drivetrain
    Hi all, My 2014 6 has 96K miles and I feel that the belts should be replaced. Does anyone know of a good how to video? I've heard that the H2O pump belt does not have a tensioner. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated. Stay safe. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results