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  1. Mazda 6 3rd Generation (2013-Present)
    Hi all, I have a Mazda 6 2017 with 185000 kms on it. Had a number of issues in the last few months (P0172 rich code, P0421 cat efficiency low) that lead to replacing spark plugs, coils, cat converter, downstream O2 sensor. Presently I have idle only misfires on cylinder 2 and 4 with no CEL...
  2. Mazda 6 2nd Generation (2008-2013)
    My fiancées car is a 2010 Mazda 6 with a 2.5 (I believe). I had recently changed both Intake Manifold Control valves (part# LF1518741 + LF8218741). It seemed to fix her idling issues and check engine light. The last light on her dash was the airbag light, so I took out the fuse and it was blown...
  3. 2.5L Turbo I-4
    I have a 2021 Mazda 6 it’s has about 4k miles on it. When I’m at a idle the RPM fluctuate from low (600 RPM) to high (900 RPM) and the car shakes. It’s does this over and over again until I start driving. Dealership said there is nothing wrong with the car.
  4. Speed6 Engine/Drivetrain
    I recently purchased a 2007 speed6 with a base tune than leans towards a rich AFR. Usually on startup it would idle around 2000 RPM and drop to ~900 once warmed up. Today my battery died and after jumping it, the engine started around 3000 RPM and idled around 2000 after 5 or so minutes of...
  5. Mazda 6 2nd Generation (2008-2013)
    Good afternoon Mazda Nation! I have a 2009 Mazda 6 v6, all of a sudden the idle has been rough. When I’m driving and have my foot on the brake at a red light the RPM’s go up and down. I checked hoses, cleaned the throttle body, MAF. I did get a check engine light P2197 so I replaced the Bank 2...
  6. 1st-Gen
    I have a 2003 Mazda 6 3.0 I am trying to get back on the road and having trouble. A little over a year ago I started having troubles and pulled it off the road. At the time I had some sort of an O2 sensor code and a misfire code and it wouldn’t stay running but I also had a leak in my air intake...
1-6 of 6 Results