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  1. 3rd-Gen
    Hey everyone, new here! I've purchased an 2017 Mazda 6 (64 000km) around 2 months ago and I've encountered some weird behaviors. It is my first car and don't know a lot of knowledge on cars in general. Before I got the car, I had it checked at a garage making sure everything was fine, and they...
  2. Mazda 6 2nd Generation (2008-2013)
    So Iam in a street racing bracket because why not nothing better to do Iam trying to figure out what I could do for under $50 to get more power out of my 2010 Mazda 6 2.3 l4
  3. 3rd-Gen
    Overview: I figured it would sound better (which it does), and I was hopeful that I could feel the difference even if only in high RPM without losing low RPM power, BUT as soon as I took it for a drive I noticed a big difference in low RPM partial throttle responsiveness! Sound: I love...