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  1. Interior / Exterior
    Anyone know where I can buy a replacement for this part I highlighted in yellow? I’ve looked everywhere but I’ve only seen stickers to go over the actual part itself sold by Amazon. I knocked over my air freshener and it leaked all over the plastic and the sun melted it and it cracked. It’s just...
  2. Interior Modifications
    What’s the best way to fix a cracked hinge on a 2006 ms6 dash storage compartment? I’ve heard of just snipping the spring but if I do that, wouldn’t the hinge still not work when I open it?
  3. 2.3L I-4
    Hello All! So i have an 05 M6 I 2.3L hatch and yesterday received news that i am going to need a new catalytic converter. I purchased the car used and upon purchase was told it would need an Bank 1 O2 sensor. However, the check engine light for this replacement would turn off on its own so i was...
  4. 1st-Gen
    Hellloo mazda folk. Long time reader, first time posting. Long story short; I live in the carribbean and Locating parts is a bit difficult, so I have to get them overseas and I keep finding the US LHD parts rather than the JDM RHD parts and I am unable to find specific parts that I need. So...
  5. Engine / Suspension / Drivetrain
    I recently replaced the transmission in a 2004 6 with the four-cylinder. The transmission is the Ford 4-Speed auto. I'm trying to find a less wasteful method of disposal than selling it as scrap. Anyone in the (slightly southeast of) central SC area have a use for it, or are in need of parts...
  6. Newbie Section
    Hello I am new to the forum, but I am in desperate need of weatherstripping for the rear passenger door for my 2006 mazdaspeed 6. When it rains heavily my car just recently started allowing water into my backseat floor boards. I have called multiple mazda dealers to be informed that the item is...
  7. Exterior Modifications
    Hello everyone! I've been trying to get exterior accessories for my 2013 Mazda 6 I sport but everything I order does not fit my model. Anyone know where I can find any. (Looking for tail lights, headlights, window visors, anything exterior.)
  8. Exterior Modifications
    Hi guys new to the forum, i own a 2003 mazda 6 gg and i live in Brisbane Australia. I was just chasing everyone's opinion on the good/dodgy online sites for exterior modification, Bodykits, lips etc..Anyone happen to have any experience on the subject? I know there isn't many in Au but i've...
1-8 of 8 Results