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  1. 1st-Gen
    I picked up my 2006 mazda 6 with the 2.3, just under 150k miles, for my fiancé as her first car. I picked it up cheap not running. I got it running, however it wasn’t happy about it. It’ll stay running once started but sounds damn near a diesel. It sounds like it’s coming from up top and not the...
  2. 1st-Gen
    Hi, I have a '03 3.0 V6 that has been leaking oil for about 2 years, the engine was overhauled last year, the oil leak stopped for around 5 months but it came back after that, and started leaking from the center screws in the front valve cover, I've already replaced the PCV and it did not fix...
  3. Mazdaspeed6
    Hello my name is Todd, I am a new owner of a 2006 Mazdaspeed 6 and I noticed oil underneath the car. I found a pool of oil around this thing underneath the airbox. I’m confused about what this is if anyone can help. I noticed the boot wasn’t on all the way.
1-3 of 3 Results