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    Hi, Folks. Today was my 1st official day with my ‘04 Mazda 6s Squall Blue Wagon, with about 137,700 miles on the odo. After replacing a blown engine with a 6 month/6,000 warranted LKQ engine with 107,000 miles, I took an 85 mile trip over hill and dale, It was great learning the +s and -s of the...
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    I have tried finding the discussion about the size rims that I purchased for my Mazda 6i 2004. I have not found anything yet and can only find ones about 18x9.5 rims. I purchased a new set and they are the size: 18x10.5 +40 5x100/114.3 I have just started getting the car fixed up and decided to...
  3. Mazda sound when started

    Mazda sound when started

    This is the sound my car was making.