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  1. MPS MAZDA 6 MAF plugged in cuts out??

    Hey guys! Sooooo, without maf plugged in... engine runs okay, starts fires, hits boost haha and what not, has engine code obvs cause it’s un plugged but when I go to plug it in, cuts out and stalls & wont even start with it plugged in, I’ve swapped over with a known working one and still does...
  2. HELP! Mazda 6 mps runs rough / smoke

    Got a question! * has anyone had one of these fail & cause it to run bad * Timing solenoid oil control valve.... I’ve got some videos of what the scan tools reading while idling.. idles fine, you got to rev and it sounds like it’s spazzing out? Like the timing goes out when start to rev or...
  3. 2003 Mazda 6 to speed 6 front bumper swap

    Newbie Section
    Hi all,just recently bought my first mazda. A 2003 mazda 6 gg (i think) and i hate the look of the front end, was just wondering if an mps 6 front bumper is a direct swap? Or if I'd have any issues? Love the look of the speed 6 front bumper. I've heard the hood swap requires the speed 6 front...
  4. GY 4wd sport wagon mps conversion

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    Hi there , I have a 06 4wd sport wagon 2.3 auto and was wondering if anyone has ever converted the engine trans and diff to mps components ? Pretty new to the Mazda 6/atenza scene but surely there would be some way to make the mps running gear fit ? I assume the trouble would be found in the...