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  1. Mazdaspeed6
    Hi fellows I created a little app for Android that helps those which do fuel mix (Adding Ethanol) to calculate the exact amount of each fuel to add in tank to reach a target E mix (E30, E50 you can set your own) This app can also get different values of ethanol content based on seasons You...
  2. Mazdaspeed 27mm Front Swaybar vs. Stock

    Picture comparing the Mazdaspeed 27mm front sway bar and the 23mm OEM sway bar for 2003-2005 v6 Mazda 6. The bar has a center bend to accommodate exhaust that runs above the front cross-member. This bar does not fit 2006-2008 v6 cars without contact.
  3. Speed6 Engine/Drivetrain
    So, I have been having an issue with my car ONLY under medium to heavy load, I can build boost slowly but if I get on it the car doesn't like it - at all. I have searched, I have tried maintenance things like new spark plugs, gapping correctly, cleaning sensors, looking for any leaks post MAF...
  4. Picture/Videos
    What’s good everyone..!? Well... everyone that still comes to this forum... Very unfortunate how activity fell off the face of the earth but I guess back when the forum was in it’s prime there were a lot less avenues to build an online community for the platform... ANYWAY! Last June I was...
  5. Want To Buy
    I'm in the market to buy one of these rare signs for decoration in my garage, does anyone have one that they are willing to part ways with? Sorry if this isn't quite relevant.
  6. Mazdaspeed6
    Mazdaspeed 6. 135,000 on body, 45-65k on newer motor. Tons of power. Radiator, thermostat, and pivot shaft seal replaced. Have receipts for everything including new motor. Located in SoCal. Contact me at 760 498 5492.
  7. Newbie Section
    Hey yall, I have been looking at MazdaSpeed6 as a somewhat cheap option to get an AWD vehicle with good power. I have seen a ton of old posts about problems but I can't really find anything definitive. I am looking at one with 130lk miles currently. What common problems does the MazdaSpeed6...
  8. 1st-Gen
    Hellloo mazda folk. Long time reader, first time posting. Long story short; I live in the carribbean and Locating parts is a bit difficult, so I have to get them overseas and I keep finding the US LHD parts rather than the JDM RHD parts and I am unable to find specific parts that I need. So...
  9. 1st-Gen
    Hey fellas, so basically i was fiddling with wiring for the aftermarket sub and amp i had installed a while ago. picture this: i’m sorting out cable management amp is wired up, sitting on top of the sub box (unsecured, just testing sound) it cranked beautiful as expected, a little too good...
  10. 1st-Gen
    Got a question! * has anyone had one of these fail & cause it to run bad * Timing solenoid oil control valve.... I’ve got some videos of what the scan tools reading while idling.. idles fine, you got to rev and it sounds like it’s spazzing out? Like the timing goes out when start to rev or...
1-10 of 10 Results