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  1. Mazda 6 1st Generation (2002-2008)
    I have a 2007 Mazda 6 2.3L 4-cyl that I’ve had for about 3 years. Its current mileage is at 220,000. A few months ago a small little rattle started because of what I’d assumed to me bad/low oil. So I had it changed and it still continued to rattle. Someone suggested I changed the vvt solenoid so...
  2. 2.3L I-4
    I have a 2006 mazda 6 i grand touring, the 2.3 is n/a but im thinking about putting boost on it, would a msp turbo system work for it? Or just an after market system. Or better yet could my 150,000 miles motor handle boost?
  3. 1st-Gen
    Hey does anyone know what kind of lights I could order for the ins instrument cluster and audio interface? This car means a lot for me and I want to keep for as long as I can.
  4. MTX Transmission Discussion
    Hi I have a 2005 Mazda 6 I with a 5 speed manual transmission and I was just trying to find out how many hours it would take to replace the transmission. I’m trying to get my transmission replaced and want to find out beforehand to try to get an estimate for myself
  5. Newbie Section
    Hi, my name is Mormo and I am a new Mazda driver - well kinda - I have been driving this car for a few years now, I guess I should say I am new to the car scene. I have always been intrigued with driving and car mechanics, etc. I just know absolutely NOTHING. I was hoping to learn some basic...
  6. Mazda6 (Atenza)
    So I need a new engine for my 2003 Mazda 6i (2.3L). But I am very interested in putting a 3.0 6 cylinder in instead of the 4 cylinder. Is the process hard or is it just plug and play? Would I need to change a lot of other things? Please help,
  7. Engine / Drivetrain
    Hey guys put a 2004 Mazda 3 SP23 Motor in my mazda 6 2006 2.3L and ive swapped every bolt on over apart from crank pulley and cam position and crank position sensor everything is plugged in just wont start turns over no worries sounds healthy checked for spark dont think theres anything is there...
  8. 2.3L I-4
    Good day. Is there any compatibility issue if I was to replace my tcm with a different part number? L31W 18 9E1C to L3R1 18 9E1E? Mazda6 2007 2.3L (installed module) (planning to install) Hope i can get a response from this thread. Thank you
1-8 of 8 Results