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  1. (First Mazda!) 2014 6 Sport 6MT

    Newbie Section
    Just bought this car from my buddy as he got a truck and no longer has room for this. Replacement for my '98 C1500 5 speed as my daily. Very excited to have something that handles well and gets great mileage! 95k miles.
  2. 224k mile $1000 beater 6. What should I be looking for

    Mazda 6 1st Generation (2002-2008)
    i'm about to meet with the owner of this 224k mile mazda 6, so that I can buy it as a college beater. What common issues should I be looking for when I take a look? Not super familiar with these cars other than an 08' 6 speed MS3 my father owned and I fell in love with.