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  1. 2nd-Gen
    Hi I need your Help. Ok so over the week some * must of crashed into the car and wreaked it so here's a list of issues ive found while driving so far. wing mirror: Driver wing mirror bent the wrong way and now i need to find a OEM of the wing mirror. plastic doesnt hold any more so i may need...
  2. 3rd-Gen
    I understand that mazda made a poor decision to have the DRLs off when parked or when the car gets unlocked. Never thought it would bug me but it really does. Other cars DRLs look awesome when the car gets unlocked etc. Does anyone know a way to get the DRLs on the mazda to always run on ie...
  3. Newbie Section
    So might be a dumb question but basically I was tryna find where to get interior lights for a 2019 Mazda 6 touring, as in the dome light and map lights, trunk, and license plate without forking out $50. Appreciate any help.
  4. Newbie Section
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and had a question about the front grill light on my GT. Has anyone modified them to be on with the LED DRLs on the headlights? I dig the look of the grill when illuminated but I dislike the fact that they only turn on when the headlights come on. Just wanting to...
  5. 2nd-Gen
    Hi Guys, The airbag light has come up on my dash, the light on the center console for the passenger airbag is also lighting up to signal the Passenger Airbag is off. Obviously whit this light, my car will not pass the NCT test. I have watched video's online and been on other forums but I can...
  6. 1st-Gen
    Short version: I want to buy new headlights, and I'd rather not take the front of my car apart to find these part numbers, so I thought I'd check if anybody happens to have that information handy. The car is a 2006 Mazda6 wagon. I don't believe it has fog lights. Long version: my driver-side...
1-6 of 6 Results