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  1. 2.2L Diesel
    Hello! I have a Mazda 6 2.2L SkyActive diesel (175hp) with an automatic transmission. 155k km on the odometer. Ever since I've filled it up with coolant, I've noticed a faint smell of coolant coming from the vents, only when the heat from the vents is maxed out and only when going in high revs...
  2. Electrical / HVAC / Lighting / Audio
    Hey guys, I have noticed some signs of a heater core issue, but they don't seems to match exactly what I'm seeing to be the symptoms of failure so I was hoping I could get some advise before I spend 2 hours taking off the entire dash to find its not the heater core or on what part is likely to...
  3. 3rd-Gen
    I had overheating and limp mode problem on my Mazda 6 Sport Nav 2014, I called the breakdown cover and they diagnosed with broken water pump. I have since replaced water pump, temperature sensor and thermostat. However, 4 weeks later the car has started overheating (the cooling fan comes on very...
  4. Engine / Suspension / Drivetrain
    hello ,we are a group of mazda 3,6,cx 3,5,30 owners live in extreme hot , dusty environment with an average temperature 109 °F. and the owner manual doesn't have any hot countries and we have few questions after i have read alot of discussions 1- we compared ATFs and found that mz-fz is fully...
  5. Newbie Section
    I accidentally topped my coolant off with GO5 Zerex coolant (yellow) in my 2015 Mazda 6 literally put in less than half of a qt!! What should I Do? Get it flushed asap?? can I wait?? Please help!! TIA
1-5 of 5 Results