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check engine light

  1. CAI causing stalling / poor throttle response

    2.5L I-4
    Hi all, I've recently encountered the first CEL on my 2014 Mazda 6 with codes P0113, P2199, P2183, and P061B. I took my car to a local shop to have them take a look at it as the conditions where I live are not exactly ideal to be working on something like this. I initially made an appointment...
  2. (SOLVED) 2014 touring auto transmission gone?

    Ah crap. My transmission is doing something hard to explain. At least, I feel like it's the trans. 2014 6 touring with AT and 120,000. trans filter/fluid change at 75,000 (planned on keeping it for another 5+ years) I'm not a grandpa driver. A lot of stop and go in Chicago and I have a...