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  1. Newbie Section
    Does anybody know where i can find a Master Brake Cylinder repair kit in Sweden or in Europe? And also does anyone know where I can find information about where I can find the size of the internal of my Brake Master Cylinder? the car is a Mazda 6 MZR 2.2 Diesel Year 2010. Part number : GSYE4340Z
  2. 3.7L V6
    My 2009 mazda 6 3.7l V6 recently started making a high-pitch noise when I am off the breaks and my ABS/TC lights are on and will not turn off. when I break there is a slight noise I am thinking coming from the abs pump but I am not 100% sure what the issue is. if anyone has any ideas of what it...
1-2 of 2 Results