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  1. Cars
    All, I am selling my 2016 Mazda 6 iTouring The car has been well maintained and serviced only in Mazda showrooms. All service records available. Clean title. Registration paid until April 2021. New tires & battery. Features: Bose premium sound, Moon roof, Rear cross traffic alert, Blind spot...
  2. In Car Electronics
    [Begin Part 1] This question has come up over the years and in wanting the addition to my 2004 wagon I decided to figure it out. For anyone who is interested the addition was well worth it. I do now have to tighten my rear-view mirror because the factory Bose sub-woofer shakes the thing like...
  3. Electrical / HVAC
    Hello, I have an issue with voice guide and handsfree system. As you can hear on the video it's rumbling and it's impossible to understand the voice assistant. It looks the same when I call someone via handsfree system. I can't understand my converser. I have TomTom's NB1 headunit and BOSE sound...
  4. In Car Electronics
    Hello, Ive just brought a Mazda 6 sport wagon 2008. i would like to put a android headunit init but have read alot about not working right with the bose, could anybody help with a how to or a harness that i could buy to bypass the amp.