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  1. Mazda 6 2nd Generation (2008-2013)
    Hi all! This past week my Mazda 6 car battery has died 3 times overnight. I had the battery tested and it is fine, and I am not leaving anything on when I turn off my car to cause my battery to die (lights, etc.). My coworker tried to diagnose the problem, and my car came back with a u0073...
  2. Mazda 6 1st Generation (2002-2008)
    Gday everyone. After I connected a power wire for my amp to the positive terminal my car wouldn't start, nor would my amp but I think that's just the remote turn on wire. I then disconnected the wire from the battery and it started fine. Just wondering what could cause this to happen? Note: All...
  3. Newbie Section
    Hi everyone! So recently I replaced the battery on my 2008 Mazda 6 and now my remote isn’t going. Before I had the car battery replaced I had my key fob battery replaced and it was going fine. Now I can’t remotely unlock/lock or even open my boot! (When I bought the car the boot button on the...
  4. 3rd-Gen
    I'm still on the original battery, but noticing it is having a harder time starting the motor. So when I replace it I'm thinking of getting a LifePo battery, weighing only 4-5lbs, versus the stock battery that looks very heavy (not sure the exact weight, but I figure ~45lbs). Because it is a...
  5. Electrical / HVAC
    I Bought 04 Mazda 6 Hatchback (GG) 2.0, 141pk, 104KW - LF17, LF18. Now I need to replace the battery but I am not sure which one is better (60mA/540A) or (70mA/630A)?? Kindly I need your advice!
1-5 of 5 Results