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  1. In Car Electronics
    I have a 2007 Mazda atenza sedan and recently installed a new pioneer head unit. now I need to upgrade my speakers because they're not as high quality as I want them to be (and they're also blowing out lol). I'm going to go all out and find the highest quality 4-way speakers, subwoofer, and...
  2. 1st-Gen
    Ok... I don't know how many times a thread like this has been made but I haven't found the answer that am looking for. I own a Mazda Atenza 2006, japanese RHD and my issue is finding the correct replaceable parts for my vehicle on the island (Bahamas) which is very difficult due to the fact...
  3. Mazda6 (Atenza)
    Hi there, I am trying to replace the HID bulb on my 2004 Atenza. I am struggling to release the old bulb from its mounting, any tips? Also discovered and empty bulb mount in the housing, what is this for? Cheers
  4. 1st-Gen
    My ideal Atenza is to build a track machine, not fastest of the line, (per say), but fastest around the corners. A beautiful mix of rally car, and grand touring car. I want to build out my engine with all new parts, Pistons, Valves and Timing, Cam, Crank, Wiring, Fuel System, Etc. My goal is to...
  5. 1st-Gen
    Hellloo mazda folk. Long time reader, first time posting. Long story short; I live in the carribbean and Locating parts is a bit difficult, so I have to get them overseas and I keep finding the US LHD parts rather than the JDM RHD parts and I am unable to find specific parts that I need. So...
  6. Mazda6 (Atenza)
    Hi all I brought a 2006 atenza as a project and I'm looking to do so DIY herd u can turbo them if so where and what do I need the engine is a 2.0 L MZR LF I4 or any mods to make it more would be appreciated thanks guys
  7. DrFeelGoods 2004 Mazda 6 Wagon - "Mozz-D"

    2004 Mazda 6s wagon with sport 5-speed automatic Upgrades: Racing Beat front springs - 70020 King Lowering rear springs - KMRL-27 Mazdaspeed front sway bar (27.5 mm) Steeda rear sway bar (22.5 mm) Steeda front upper strut bar (1-piece) - 555-5720 Megan Racing front lower chassis brace -...
1-7 of 7 Results