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  1. Engine / Drivetrain
    Thankfully I came across this forum. I can’t find a good video to remove and replace the alternator on my 2015 Mazda6 and need a more experienced opinion. I’ve gotten two quotes (labor cost + the replacement) that run me over $600 plus I can’t purchase the part elsewhere. Best I save over $400...
  2. Mazda 6 1st Generation (2002-2008)
    Hey guys, after watching some YouTube tutorials ( and ) I was able to get my serpentine belt off and alternator unbolted through the top of the passenger side engine bay in my 2008 M6i 2.3l. The problem is, none of the vids showed how to actually shimmy the alternator through the tight gap. It’s...
  3. Electrical / HVAC
    I am not really sure where to post this, so I put it here since it kinda turned out to be somewhat of an electrical issue. I was having some drivability issues with my wife’s 2005 Mazda 6, 2.3L. It was making an awful drone sound under the hood. It was hanging in 3rd gear intermittently. The...
  4. Mazda 6 Alternator bearings and brushes.jpg

    2004 Mazda 6 v6 alternator exploded view. Bearing and brushes part numbers Brushes = AJ5118W77 Front (pulley) bearing = PN1618W27 Rear (small) bearing = N33618W36
  5. Electrical / HVAC
    I have an automatic 2005 mazda6 5 door with a 2.3l. Got it about a year ago and it had a bad ecu, ended up getting a remanufactured one online for cheap and put it in then had the dealership reprogram everything. For a few months everything was running decent, sometimes when you accelerate fast...
  6. Electrical / HVAC
    My 2014 mazda 6 GT alternator isn't putting out enough power anymore, so I've been looking to replace it. But I found out that I have regenerative braking (also known as I-loop). Every store, website, and junkyard I've contacted doesn't seem to have one in stock with regenerative braking. So I'm...
  7. Electrical / HVAC
    I have a 2004 Mazda 6 2.3L. My car shut down in the middle of the road. My friend tried installing 2 new alternators bought from Advance Auto. Neither of them worked. Went to junk yard one and that didn't work. It's not the battery. It's not the started. It's not electrical system. I...
  8. 3.7L V6
    I have a 2009 Mazda 6 V5 3.7 and it recently would not start after sitting for a day or two. The voltage meter says the battery was fine so my dad decided to replace the alternator. He unbolted it but cannot remove it from the engine compartment. Any help???
  9. Electrical / HVAC
    Good evening folks I have a 2016 Mazda 6 and a robust aftermarket audio system installed, line output convertors, amps, speakers, etc. I'm considering upgrading the alternator and was wondering if anyone else had done it and which one they recommend. Also if the job is crazy difficult or not.
  10. Newbie Section
    Evening all, New to the forum, as i'm looking for advice. i dont generally like paying for work that should be simple tasks that we all used to watch parents do on cars growing up. Like Changing serpentine belts, brakes, oils etc. in older cars, you could easily access and work out how to...
1-10 of 10 Results