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  1. 2017 Mazda 6 Transmission delay and cold engine start delay

    Hey everyone, new here! I've purchased an 2017 Mazda 6 (64 000km) around 2 months ago and I've encountered some weird behaviors. It is my first car and don't know a lot of knowledge on cars in general. Before I got the car, I had it checked at a garage making sure everything was fine, and they...
  2. Auto Tilt Side Mirrors

    Hi Everyone, I recently bought a 2018 Mazda 6 Signature and I am loving the car so far. I am wondering if anyone has attempted to modify their side mirrors so that they auto tilt when the car is put into reverse. My mom has a Lexus that has this feature and it is super useful! I have to park...
  3. 2017 Mazda6/ Atenza Customizations?

    Hi, I'm new to these forums but I got my white 2017 Mazda6 touring manual trans in 2019. I've recently started customizing it by blacking out the exterior chrome with gloss black spray paint because I can't find any of them in black online. I have a resonator delete and a Magnaflow muffler with...
  4. help with 2016 Mazda 6 wagon model specs / trim

    hey guys new member here first post from new zealand have just brought a 2016 mazda 6 wagon gsx having trouble finding out what spec this is if its touring or not any help would be much appreciated
  5. 3rd Gen '14 6GT Belt Replacement

    Engine / Suspension / Drivetrain
    Hi all, My 2014 6 has 96K miles and I feel that the belts should be replaced. Does anyone know of a good how to video? I've heard that the H2O pump belt does not have a tensioner. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated. Stay safe. Thanks
  6. Loss of power and engine stuttering

    Soo, I’ve had my Mazda 6 2013 2.2D SkyActive for about 6 months and racked up about 19k miles. The car has today hit 100k miles. started having issues a few months back but now it’s getting worse. Engine starts fine and idles ok if it’s cold it does idle high but I’ve been told that’s normal ...
  7. (SOLVED) 2014 touring auto transmission gone?

    Ah crap. My transmission is doing something hard to explain. At least, I feel like it's the trans. 2014 6 touring with AT and 120,000. trans filter/fluid change at 75,000 (planned on keeping it for another 5+ years) I'm not a grandpa driver. A lot of stop and go in Chicago and I have a...