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  1. 3.0L V6
    So I got this car a year ago. An 04 v6 in what appeared to be not too bad of a condition. After a few weeks the engine starts spewing put smoke out of the mufflers. So great I got a leak. Did a compression test and found that the 3rs cylinder, in the front from left to right, has 0psi. So great...
  2. 3.0L V6
    Soo I have the 03 Mazda 6 3.0 with 160k miles. The engine was rebuilt bore .50 over, cat back flow master exhaust. One day the car started missing I cleared codes it was good for about 4 months then one day it started missing so bad I couldn’t drive it. So it got towed and the spark plugs were...
  3. 1st-Gen
    Hey guys so i've got a mazda 6 year 2007, engine 3.0L. Love the style on the vehicle. Lately i was driving on the highway when i couldnt accelerate anymore. The power on the vehicle was reduced so I pulled to the side turned it off and back on and it was working fine but acceleration wasnt as...
1-3 of 3 Results