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  1. 3rd-Gen
    Hi, me again. Was wondering what the word on the street is in terms of getting these cars tuned? I tried looking up some threads here and didn't find a whole lot of info on DRtuned, most threads suggest OVTuning, but the links are dead and they've said that they've dropping tuning support for...
  2. 3rd-Gen
    Hi there, I recently ordered and installed a catback exhaust from Corksport for my 6. It's the system for the 2017 Mazda 6 but the mid-pipe fits perfectly, no CEL or anything execpt for one glaring issue: the axle back exhaust tips are too narrow to clear the exhaust cutouts on my 2018's bumper...
  3. New England
    I am looking to add some power to my 6 but can't seem to find much. Any suggestions on where to find something? Not trying to go crazy. I was looking at chips but keep reading they dont actually do anything. Also looking to maybe add some bodywork thats is also not too crazy but looks good...
1-3 of 3 Results