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  1. Exterior Modifications
    Hello, as the title suggests, I am looking to upgrade to a better looking headlamp with DRL and I very much prefer the ones that come with the newer models that have that Halo owl eye look to them. Just wondering if anyone here has knowledge on this matter. Thank you!
  2. Electrical / HVAC
    Just replaced my 2016 I-ELOOP system battery (2nd time) with an Interstate AGM group 35 from Costco ($189). The two Error msgs (service due, battery system malfunction) disappeared after 2 ~20m drives. Note: always good to take pictures /movies of battery tie down J hook locations, etc which...
  3. Interior / Exterior
    Anyone know where I can buy a replacement for this part I highlighted in yellow? I’ve looked everywhere but I’ve only seen stickers to go over the actual part itself sold by Amazon. I knocked over my air freshener and it leaked all over the plastic and the sun melted it and it cracked. It’s just...
  4. Interior / Exterior
    A friend lent me a Saris bike rack for my 2016 Mazda6. I did a test installation and think I'm really asking for trouble with this setup. What do you all think? I was able to set up the far feet on the rear window glass, which I like since it is less likely to scratch or dent than the trunk...
  5. Exterior Modifications
    Hi all! I'm a new owner of a 2017, white 6. Having never installed a rack system before, I'm a bit overwhelmed with all of the options out there. Thule, Yakima, OEM?! I have a stock Touring model, and I don't know what I need besides a thin, quiet rail system. Do you have recommendations for...
  6. Electrical / HVAC
    Good evening folks I have a 2016 Mazda 6 and a robust aftermarket audio system installed, line output convertors, amps, speakers, etc. I'm considering upgrading the alternator and was wondering if anyone else had done it and which one they recommend. Also if the job is crazy difficult or not.
  7. 3rd-Gen
    hey guys new member here first post from new zealand have just brought a 2016 mazda 6 wagon gsx having trouble finding out what spec this is if its touring or not any help would be much appreciated
1-7 of 7 Results