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    Anyone in southern Ontario interested in buying a 2008 hatchback sedan 5mt 2.3L? I’m the second owner and it’s in amazing shape, 222,700 km on it. Looking for $2500 CAD as is. Incredible car but I wanna change things up and I’d love to sell it to a fellow 6 enthusiast who would cherish it as...
  2. Newbie Section
    Hi everyone! So recently I replaced the battery on my 2008 Mazda 6 and now my remote isn’t going. Before I had the car battery replaced I had my key fob battery replaced and it was going fine. Now I can’t remotely unlock/lock or even open my boot! (When I bought the car the boot button on the...
  3. In Car Electronics
    Hello, Ive just brought a Mazda 6 sport wagon 2008. i would like to put a android headunit init but have read alot about not working right with the bose, could anybody help with a how to or a harness that i could buy to bypass the amp.