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  1. Mazda 6 3rd Generation (2013-Present)
    Hello ,I recently bought a used Mazda 6 from 2017/9 with the 2.0 Petrol 165hp skyactive-G, really happy for the purchase , but today I had to use a tow and was kind of curious as to why I could not pass 90km/h , is there a limiter set it while towing? or can the cars performance not keep up with...
  2. 1st-Gen
    Hello, can anyone tell me what type of serpentine belt i should buy for my 2004 mazda 6 2.0l? I am also looking for a diagram, the previous belt snapped and i couldn't read the letters/sizing nor did i see how the belt was put on. Thank you Jakob.
  3. Mazdaspeed6
    Hi everyone Just want a little bit of advise I have just bought myself a Mazda 6 tamura 57 plate is it worth it to turbo it or supercharge. Think it’s running at 147bhp does anyone think turbo and remap would take it to like 220? thanks for any advice Sam
1-3 of 3 Results