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  1. 2007 mazda 6 burning smell/limp mode

    07 mazda 6 had a bad burning smell of eletrical and now its in limp mode abs light on and AT light on power windows wont work seems to be acting possessed in some ways crazy tac no speedo 2nd to 4th gear only very slow take off in 2nd please help me
  2. 2006 18” Mazda 6 OEM wheels and new tires

    Wheels & Tires
    06 Mazda wagon jumped timing and has a few other things wrong so it’s off to the scrap yard. (Or lay around 7k to repair). Rims (and car) have 93000 miles on them, tires have less than 100 miles. Tires are well-rated General Altimax 245/45/r18. Just trying to recoup a bit of the cash. 250...