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  1. Exhaust suggestions and questions.

    Exterior Modifications
    Install headers. Having the two cats removed will make it quite loud.
  2. Review of Nautilus Performance Group

    Consumer Reviews
    NPG used to make their own headers out of actual stainless steel based on the MSDS design, making it unnecessary to have them ceramic coated. MSDS headers are made of mild steel and will rust after a while. I have a set of their stainless steel ones, and they are pretty fantastic. I don't know...
  3. best exhaust

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    They're no longer produced. And they were never produced for the 4-cylinder, they were V6 only. In any case, the Injen doesn't sound as good as the Magnaflow in my opinion. The Magnaflow has a much deeper sound. The Injen is just far superior in terms of quality.
  4. 2014 Mazda 6

    Vancouver Mazda6 Club
    I very likely will not be getting another 6. I don't see the point of getting another sedan. The next car I get will be a proper two door RWD sports car.
  5. 2014 Mazda 6

    Vancouver Mazda6 Club
    Or maybe a DI turbo gasoline 4. At least have an engine option that makes 250+hp. A turbo diesel would feel nice during regular driving, but I'd still want some top end if I need it.
  6. 2014 Mazda 6

    Vancouver Mazda6 Club
    I wouldn't.
  7. 2014 Mazda 6

    Vancouver Mazda6 Club
    There's no V6 :(
  8. Accident on Lions Gate Bridge

    Vancouver Mazda6 Club
    The two guys that crashed into a bus and died on the Lions Gate Bridge this morning was driving a 6. Anyone we know?
  9. Van Maz6 Club Member's Car pix

    Vancouver Mazda6 Club
    Thanks man.
  10. Bleed the Brakes

    Suspension / Brakes
    It'll take forever to flush all the old fluid out that way though.
  11. Playing around in GT5

    In my opinion you're not missing much. I've stopped playing GT5 altogether several weeks ago. It got really really boring. The only things that really kept me going were the Bonus Races in the Seasonal Events (the ones with the huge XP and credit payouts), but they haven't had new Bonus Races in...
  12. Monthly Meet

    Vancouver Mazda6 Club
    Well, somewhere around Coquitlam would be nice, or maybe Burnaby.
  13. Monthly Meet

    Vancouver Mazda6 Club
    Maybe I can make it.
  14. New wheels & tires, TPMS question..

    Wheels / Tires
    I would say that 225/45/18 is better than 225/40/18, but that's just personal preference. Either works fine and have their own advantages/disadvantages, but neither is ideal, 225/45 is too big and 225/40 is too small, but I personally would rather go a little bigger than a little smaller. As...
  15. **2011 RevScene Spring Meet!!**

    Vancouver Mazda6 Club
    Thanks Edwin. I'm still around, kind of. I've already done pretty much all I've planned to on the car so I haven't been spending a lot of time on the boards anymore. I haven't been out to a meet in a while either, because I'm usually busy when they happen.
  16. Spotting Thread!!

    Vancouver Mazda6 Club
    My mom works at the Toyota dealership next door.
  17. Monthly Meet

    Vancouver Mazda6 Club
    Crap, I totally forgot.
  18. FWD snow drifting at lansdowne

    Vancouver Mazda6 Club
    At the lot up in Cypress nobody seems to care. But I guess you can't do it up there now, since the mountain's going to open soon. My friends and I did it up there during the summer. I was doing donuts in his FD.
  19. tires for RX8 wheels

    Wheels / Tires
    I like my 235/40R18s as well. But 225/40R18 would be a safer choice in regards to rubbing.
  20. evo8 wheels?

    The bolt pattern is the same, but they're too wide with too low an offset for the 6. I think they're 17X8 with +38mm offset. It might marginally work on a Speed 6 (they can have a slightly more aggressive fitment than a regular 6). To make them work on a regular 6 you'd have to roll the shit out...
1-20 of 193 Results