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  1. Why, Mazda? WHY?

    That’s because most people don’t even know they have it. They don’t read their manual. Also, unless you live in a very hot climate it’s not as important. But when you show someone that they can just hold down the unlock button on their fob and their windows will open, they begin to appreciate...
  2. Why, Mazda? WHY?

    Sure the German cars make many features optional at extra cost, but this is a feature that comes standard on Honda, Toyota, even Hyundai, KIA and other low priced cars. It was even standard on Mazda, until they removed it for some unexplained reason. They even had it on the Miata. Now, it...
  3. How To Keep Your Paint Looking Fresh And Clean

    Show and Shine
    I rinse, then use my foam cannon (Chemical Guys Snow Foam), followed by top down wash (using two bucket method w/ grit guards, microfiber or wool wash mitts. Dry with waffle microfiber. As far as removing wax, there is none. The front 1/3 is covered in Expel paint protection film and all...
  4. Why, Mazda? WHY?

    I live in Tucson, where I “nice summer day” is 105 degrees. My wife’s 2008 Miata has this feature, but my new Mazda 6 doesn’t. Why, oh why, would they eliminate this simple feature that other brands have added? Opening the drivers door and climbing into a car that has been sitting in the...
  5. Soul Red Paint Chips

    Newbie Section
    So, the Soul Red paint option actually cost me an extra $2,100. $600 for the paint plus $1,500 for the Expel paint protection I put on the front 1/3 of the car. If or not that will keep it from chipping remains to be seen. I have a 16 year old BMW with over 100k on it, and the paint still...
  6. 3rd Gen Detailing/Car Care Thread!

    Maybe it didn’t work because some jerk had replaced the contents with body lotion.
  7. Clay Bar or Compound?

    Show and Shine
    I always used Zaino on my previous car (03 BMW 540i/6 M-tech). It’s a great synthetic sealer with a realistic 6 mos to 1 year life expectancy. When I bought the 2018 Mazda 6 (soul red crystal), I did research on newer products. Ceramic Coatings are supposed to be the next level in paint...
  8. 87 octane versus 91 octane

    2.5L I-4
    On a trip, where it’s mostly just highway cruising, I’ll run the lower octane and save a few dollars. Most other times I will opt for the extra horsepower offered by feeding premium fuel to the 2.5T engine.
  9. Mazda 6 front bra or the 18 Mazda six ?

    Newbie Section
    I had heard about the Soul Red Crystal chipping. So, after I bought mine, I had Xpel paint protection film installed on the front end to avoid rock chips. It’s not cheap, but it cost less than a respray. I did from the sunroof forward. Side mirrors, door handle areas, front fenders, entire...
  10. About to replace my OEM tires. Michelin SPORT A/S 3+ yes or no?

    By your logic I’m guessing you just buy the cheapest tire with the hardest, longest wearing compound. You can get tires with 50k or even 60k tread wear ratings, but if you expect any decent handling, you are always going to give up some of the longevity. How much you trade (longevity for...
  11. About to replace my OEM tires. Michelin SPORT A/S 3+ yes or no?

    That’s all I ever run on both my BMW and the MX-5. Why would I buy “all season” tires when the only season we have here is summer. Not all summer performance tires wear out as fast as PS2s, the Goodyear F1 and Pirelli P-zero Nero have reasonable life expectancies.
  12. Anyone seen this?

    Future Models
    Interesting info, but the earliest development date is model year 2021. Based on the fact that Mazda never seems to make their projected release dates, I wouldn’t expect it before 2023 or later.
  13. About to replace my OEM tires. Michelin SPORT A/S 3+ yes or no?

    My past experience with Michelin PS2 may or may not relate at all. I went through two sets of PS2 on my BWM 540i. They were not the all season, but the summer performance ones. They stuck to the road like glue, wet or dry. Great performance tire, quite ride, excellent tire, except two little...
  14. Newbie to the 6, Not to Mazda

    Newbie Section
    Just post a few more times in this thread to get the post count up. That’s the reason for my post.
  15. How many posts

    Newbie Section
    Forum says 10 posts to see any pictures.
  16. What gas to use?

    Newbie Section
    If your check engine light comes on you need to read the codes, not change fuels. The only way that could happen is if you left the fuel cap loose the first fill up and tightened it on the second.
  17. How many posts

    Newbie Section
    Where do I post in order to prove that I’m not a bot? I’ve been on other forums for years, but am new here.
1-17 of 17 Results