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  1. '16 GT - High Beam Control + Leaving Home Lights, 2 features that don't play nice

    Electrical / HVAC
    So anyone did solve the problem with leaving home light and AUTO mode (facelift no 1)?
  2. Mazda RX-8 R3 wheels on my car? Will fit?

    Wheels / Tires
    Hi! Uncle Google cant find any 3-gen Mazda6 on RX-8 R3 wheels. Any one have them? Will they fit? 19x8J ET47. I made some photoshop check. What do You think?
  3. Blacked out headlight housing

    Looks great. Is original lamp? Or aftermarket?
  4. Problems...

    Windnoise is bad in Gen3, especially before lifts. Many people make own solutions...
  5. '16 GT - High Beam Control + Leaving Home Lights, 2 features that don't play nice

    Electrical / HVAC
    I know Your point. Facelifting no 2 form 2016 repaired that feautre. On our ganeration (face lifting no 1 - my car is from January 2016) this option sucks... I'm still looking is any way to unlock "Leaving Home Lights" with "AUTO" option on my shifter. Ofcourse Mazda says its imposible (but...
  6. Mazda develops a new version of Soul Red

    I also hard to imagine. All depends on photos. I can make shots of my Red Samurai to look better then that CX-5. But maybe its more crystal...We will have to check live.
  7. Hello!

    Newbie Section
    So checkout gallery. I hope You will like it. ;-)
  8. Hello!

    Newbie Section
    I bought it in april. It's made in Japan in January 2016.
  9. Signature grille illumination for '16 M6

    Models / Trim
    I see dead end in this tread. I'm from Poland. I have Mazda 6 2016 Sport Wagon. I wonder how to add this illumination to my car... EU verssions have got some black blenda under the chrome. US with illumination have got there transparent plastic. Illumination KIT has got only light source...
  10. Hello!

    Newbie Section
    I join to You, Mazda 6 Fans. I have got Mazda 6 2016, sport wagon, 2.5 (192KM) & AT. >:) Look at photos in garage.
1-10 of 10 Results