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  1. Rear driver axle...need help

    Tune the beast (finally) 1st!
  2. Not A Good Day

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    Where'd you get them from? Warn others
  3. USAF6S's Xterra Build

    Other Cars
    Damn you ordered the Schrockworks bumper! That thing is intense. I actually was leave the beach the other day. When I stopped to air back up there was a 1st gen X with the ARB. It looked so much better in person. I will be getting that in a year or so when I grow bored, lol. That sucks about...
  4. USAF6S's Xterra Build

    Other Cars
    Thanks guys. Block8head I will grab some pics for you when I get back from Syracuse.
  5. New dual defrost vent-pod

    That thing looks great!!!!!!!!
  6. USAF6S's Xterra Build

    Other Cars
    2010 S 4x4 Silver Electronics/Electrical - Pioneer AVH-P3100 - Front Speakers: Boston Acoustic SR95s - Rear Speakers: Boston Acoustic SR65s - 1 Infinity Kappa Perfect Qs (10") - Kenwood Excelon 25th Anniversary H.P Mono Amp - 1cube sealed box - Nissan Alarm shock sensor - Avital 4113Car...
  7. TGNY's Official Motor Build Thread

    3.0L V6
    I am stoked to see this move along Justin! Hope you have summer deployments coming to help fund this monster.
  8. supercharger

    3.0L V6
    Amazing work Joey!!!!! Your dedication to the build is to be commended. This thing sounds sick! I wish you all the best with fine tuning it and getting units out the door! Guys lets keep this thread on topic! This is no time for soap boxes or squabbling over issues we have no control over, like...
  9. Warrior Dash 2010

    I was just turned onto this yesterday. It looks like a freaking blast! I will be going 18Sep in NY. Who's down? Company Overview: Warrior Dash is the ultimate event for thrill-seeking athletes. This 3-5 kilometer race is held on the most demanding and unique terrain the U.S. has to offer...
  10. Disguised Weapons (NSFW)

    This is absolutely hilarious! But a warning to those who work in an office... it may be not suited for work depending on who your company is...they do drop the F-Bomb... E-mails from an Asshole
  11. Optimized 3.7L TB Available - Tester Needed

    3.7L V6
    His 1st post states that you can keep it at a huge discount.
  12. RPM just lost a first time customer.

    Was like WTF is using Justin avatar!?!? Hahaha. PM an admin (Nadeem etc) if you want it fixed Sorry BOT
  13. RPM just lost a first time customer.

    Honestly doesn't sound that bad. Yes you have a broken OEM part on your car and you need to replace it. So I see the urgency. But having been in sales I can say this. If they always obtain the mounts with no issue and they tell you that, then the situation changes, are they at fault? No not at...
  14. HID help

    Newbie Section
    You will never go wrong buying from Donny. RPM has incredible customer service.
  15. Optimized 3.7L TB Available - Tester Needed

    3.7L V6
    This is big for the 2nd gen. I loved mine on my '06. Great work twowheelin!
  16. Anyone got info or have these speakers??

    Electrical / HVAC
    I also has to agree with JDC. I say spend a bit more for better quality. You'll enjoy your music a ton more and be able to go longer without having to replace them. I plan on throwing in Boston Acoustics when I move further into audio in the truck.Just make sure you read a ton of reviews on the...
  17. Get ready for a forum upgrade!!!

    News Forum
    If you've put any time into it save your garage info guys! Cant wait for the change over! Its finally coming.
  18. power window problem

    Electrical / HVAC
    I would inspect and clean out the channels in the door that the windows slide in. It might be coming in contact with resistance. If so it'll go back down.
  19. Koni yellow + MS spring review?

    Suspension / Brakes
    QUOTE (ydrone @ Feb 18 2010, 10:50 AM) You could find out by looking up the part numbers for the front shocks on a parts site.
  20. Koni yellow + MS spring review?

    Suspension / Brakes
    QUOTE (The_Capone @ Feb 15 2010, 06:07 PM) The rears are a PITA to reset stiffness. You have to take them off again. I never had anyone in my back seats so the ride back there on every little bump wasn't a major issue. The mild harshness was well worth it for the cornering. Enjoy!
1-20 of 381 Results