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  1. Looking for Headers Info plz .. :)

    3.0L V6
    I saw weapon r headers i forget what site the price for them is around 436 and comes with a cat eliminator. But you can always keep the cat if you want. just wanna make sure you get a high flow one.
  2. Post your BEST PHOTO of your 6.

    Still a work in progress
  3. Tell me what you think so far...

    Newbie Section
    Hey guys work in progress but it's getting there. What do you think so far?
  4. Eibach Pro-Kit Ordered!

    Suspension / Brakes
    Let me know how you like your pro kit man. I just got rims this past weekend and I would like to lower my car now do to the fact my car sits a little higher.
  5. Turbo?

    Newbie Section
    Im starting to get second thoughts... Everyone talks up turbos and everything but it seems like they can be a pain in the ass more than anything... My goal is to try to get some HP out of it.
  6. Turbo?

    Newbie Section
    What would you suggest? Brand new?
  7. WTB: Turbo kit for 06' Mazda 6i

    Want To Buy
    Anyone know of any used turbos I could get my hands on? Possibly the whole kit?
  8. Turbo?

    Newbie Section
    Thanks guy. Im googling salvaged mazda speeds to see if I can go down and tear off the turbo and put it on mine... keeping my fingers crossed
  9. Turbo?

    Newbie Section
    Anyone know if it is possible to get a turbo kit on the 2006 mazda 6i. I've been researching and really cant find anything. Any suggestions or ideas. Thanks guys.
  10. Good to know info!

    Newbie Section
    Thanks guy! Gonna do more engine work soon but saving for rims right now. Hopefully the easter bunny can bring them :D hahaha
  11. Good to know info!

    Newbie Section
    Actually i ordered the catback magnaflow exhaust and the DC sports Intake. I ordered them on Friday 1/11/13 and got my exhaust that wednesday and my CAI on friday! VERY PLEASED! All parts were included no damage or anything. Installed everything myself that Saturday and my car sounds AMAZING...
  12. Andy's Auto! Thumbs up!

    Newbie Section
    Hey guys.. Last week I posted a thread about I ordered the cat-back magnaflow exhaust and the DC CAI for my 06' Mazda 6i. I ordered them both on friday 1/11/13 and the guy told me 1-2 weeks. I got my exhaust the following Wednesday and got my CAI on Friday and installed both myself on Saturday...
  13. Good to know info!

    Newbie Section
    Yeah DC.. And they better be in good shape or Ill be pissed. It sucks putting that money into your car and it getting damaged on the way to your place when its still in the box let alone being damaged while on the car.
  14. Good to know info!

    Newbie Section
    Hey guys I've been looking like crazy for exhaust and CAI for my mazda 6i. And I stumbled upon Andy's Auto Sport. They mathced the magnaflow exhaust from which is $540 and they were selling it for $662. So big save there plus I got a DC CAI and they gave me an extra 10% for a...
  15. Need someones opinion please..

    Newbie Section
    Thanks guys.. Ive been debating between magnaflow and tanabe. Tanabe sounds a little nicer though.. Then Im eventually gonna get the CAI headers and cat. converter for a real nice tone. Another question... Anyone recommend replacing the Mass Air Flow Sensor.. But I was wandering to do that...
  16. Need someones opinion please..

    Newbie Section
    Hey guys. I have a 2006 Mazda 6i 2.3L. I want to do some mods to it to make it a little snappy and have a nice tone. I've been researching the forums and vidoes but I cant make a decision.. What is your opinion on having straight pipes with tips on a 4 cyl. from the cat back? Or does anyone...
1-16 of 16 Results