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  1. Member Pics

    I know right. I posted my pic many years ago. Link is probably broken. God I feel old.
  2. NFL Conference Championship

    Baltimore @ New England (3:00 PM ET) NY Giants @ San Francisco (6:30 PM ET)
  3. DIY House work.

    I hope you had a air-powered nail gun with a finishing nail sized cartridge. Floor work is brutal. Base moldings is annoying when using hammer and nails.
  4. How to Pee With Morning Wood

    Who here has a bathroom large enough to perform "The Superman"?
  5. How To Get A Life

    I've never recorded my fart. I only know one person who did that, and it was a chick. It looks like this list was written a while ago. I am old enough to remember the modem handshake sounds.
  6. Ghost In the Mirror Prank

    Lounge and a bit more...
  7. Osama bin laden dead !

    So I went out into the crowds in Washington DC and took some pics: Celebration Outside White House - a set on Flickr
  8. Gas Prices

    $4.39 for premium in Alexandria, VA :(
  9. Good Deed of the Day

    I held a door open for someone coming in from the rain, probably my good deed for the week.
  10. Shocking Accident

  11. MS6 Female drivers? where are ya?

  12. Whats up

    Hmmm I remember seeing you before. Don't remember too much. It's been a while.
  13. The United States of Murder

    Houston United States of Murder
  14. Is the movie Airplane! racist?!

    Such a shame that they aren't making any more episode. :( Red Ball is definitely my favorite episode. Also, RIP Bushido Brown.
  15. Maybe The Greatest Dating Profile Ever!

    Maybe The Greatest Dating Profile Ever!
  16. Superbowl Sound Engineers should be fired

    The audio problems were pretty distracting. I've seen a lot of bad half time shows and this one had a chance to be decent. :p
  17. ANIME Pics & Vids Gallery

    Somewhere else
    Dammit, I'm only learning about Macross Frontier now.
  18. Street Fighter 3 Parry mastery!!!

    Woah, resurrection. For a minute I thought that JettaJet had returned.
  19. Would you eat this?

    Lounge Alvin Leung Jr.'s "Sex on the Beach," which resembles a discarded condom, is 100 percent edible. Our favorite morsel from the blogs. Faux dirt ― edible simulacra of garden humus ― has become...
1-20 of 424 Results