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  1. 2011 front bumper into a 2009 model

    Models / Trim
    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if the redesigned 2nd gen 2011 front bumper will fit the previous 2nd gen 2009 model? They seem exactly the same apart from the fog lights, which have to be purchased for the new bumper. The thing is that the grille, bumper and bonnet will have to be replaced because...
  2. rough 1st to 2nd gear shift

    I've bought a 2009 SW 6. Have it for about a year now but she always had what I find an issue (don't know if it's something natural in these cars). The shift from 1st to 2nd gear isn't as smooth as all others. Normally I just wait a brief second to engage second gear, since if I do it fast it...
  3. Considering a 6 - Seeking expert advice

    Newbie Section
    Hello to all members, I'm Alex, 45 years old living in Portugal and considering a japanese car for the first time in my life. Why? Because I only hear good things from their owners and I'm done with european cars after my last experience with a dCi engine. Within my budget I've came to...
1-3 of 3 Results