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  1. Exclusivity

    Well I am sure that pretty soon there will be someone in my immediate area sporting THE EXACT SAME CAR AS MINE. :( Local Mazda dealer has a 06 Sport BCM with 25k for 15.5k. Damnit.
  2. Who Here's Had The Leaky Transfer Case TSB Performed???

    Speed6 Engine/Drivetrain
    Had mine fixed at about 31k, about 1k miles later it was leaking again. No problems since and now at about 45k.
  3. Add me to the dead battery club

    After reading most of this thread I am surprised mine has made it to 45k. Although I sure as hell won't leave it on accessory for any amount of time at this point, it's on it's way out for sure.
  4. Sleeper Stories

    "the most hairy backwoods child rapist looking dude" it. LOL!!
  5. Thinking About Getting A MS6

    Agreed on the price being really high. I got my 06 Sport in August 2008 with 30k miles for $16,900...and prices have come down a lot since then. Either bring them down in price A LOT, or move on.
  6. Warm Up time

    QUOTE (P057 @ Dec 18 2009, 12:43 PM) That is just about every single person I know, except for my husband because he is a car nerd too. It pains me to see these bastards I work for, one with a 650i, the other with a CLS 500, start their car and just take off without letting it all...
  7. Pontiac G6?

    Other Cars
    I actually test drove a G6 GTP Coupe right before I found my MS6. I cut the test drive short after about 2 minutes of driving it. Not nimble in the least, awkward shitty shifter, slow as all hell and rattles everywhere on a car with under 20k. Eww.
  8. Leather VS cloth

    Newbie Section
    Like others have said, old sheet over the backseat works great. I just tuck it in on the sides of the seat and between the rear deck and the top of the seats. My other car has leather and even with a sheet covering the backseat, my dog slides all over the place, the sheet comes up and exposes...
  9. Warm Up time

    Usually wait until rpms get to or below 1000 and the temp needle moves up a hair past C. Minimal boost until about 2 miles or so.
  10. Stock MAZDA 6 tail lights on MS6

    QUOTE (muSh @ Dec 16 2009, 01:30 PM) Exactly. The regular 6 lights seem to be made of a different plastic where they are not as clear. Love that they don't have those damn silver rings, but I will deal with the silver rings until I can get a set of LED tails.
  11. mazda admits smoking problem!!!!!!

    I will say, though...I am sold on the idea that a 40 weight oil is the key to masking this problem. I have been running 40 weight for almost 9 months now. For the last oil change I went to buy new oil at Wally world, they did not have ANY 5w-40 or 10w-40, so my dumb ass thought it would do no...
  12. Rear engine mount - which one?

    Speed6 Engine/Drivetrain
    Have had the SU for about a year now, as most others have said, vibrations are a little more, especially with the a/c, some days more than others. No big deal once you get out of idle. Very happy with it, shifts seem a bit crisper and not so clunky ever since.
  13. Stock MAZDA 6 tail lights on MS6

    A friend of mine has a 2007 GT with the non-euro tails. Her and I agreed that she liked my MS6 tails better and I liked hers better, and we set a date to swap. I ended up keeping the MS6 tails, however, because I didn't realize when lit up, how much "clearer" the MS6 tails were compared to the...
  14. mazda admits smoking problem!!!!!!

    Amazingly I got a call from my service manager yesterday. He confirmed that the PCV fix will be out sometime in March. I have it documented in my records that I have been in there several times for this problem.
  15. mazda admits smoking problem!!!!!!

    QUOTE (MicaBlackMS6 @ Dec 14 2009, 07:34 PM) :laugh: I was thinking the same exact thing yesterday. I have 5k left on my warranty or December 2010, whichever comes first. Needless to say, I am NOT driving her a lot, to make sure IF they come out with this fix in a few months, I am not past...
  16. mazda admits smoking problem!!!!!!

    My service manager was clueless about when this fix is supposed to come out, I don't even think he knew it existed at all. Worthless.
  17. HOW-TO: Learning to drive stick

    Man, this is probably one of the trickiest cars I have owned in regards to getting it down right, even after the clutch tsb AND the clutch pedal/actuator rod adjustment. Still very awkward at times compared to my other manual trans. cars. First car where it really is a total pain in the ass to...
  18. V-tek dog out for a ride

  19. On to other vehicular pastures

    Kia Forte is a nice looking ride. Congrats but sorry to see a BCM go. :(
  20. Aftermarket brake pads for Speed6?

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    Using the Rotora/Axxis H2 pads all the way around and am very happy after a year of daily driving.
1-20 of 220 Results