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  1. Question: spoiler or no spoiler

    Exterior Modifications
    Holy triple post Batman! My 6 is sans spoiler but I was thinking about getting a lip. I have see a few on eBay but they seem very one size fits all and not tailored to the 6. Has anyone see these? What do you think?
  2. JL 13tw5 sub install

    In Car Electronics
    Very Nice p-dro, I was wondering if you could give me a ballpark number on how much that setup cost? I'm looking to do something similar. Also any update with things rattling about?
  3. Clear/Smoked Marker lights?

    Models / Trim
    Where are you picking up the markers at? I wouldnt mind picking up a set or two to experiment on.
  4. Clear/Smoked Marker lights?

    Models / Trim
    Brilliant Silver Metallic I don’t have any experience painting lenses so I’m afraid that I would do it too dark and no light would get through.
  5. Clear/Smoked Marker lights?

    Models / Trim
    Has anyone seen clear or smoked marker lights for the 2nd Gen yet? The stock yellow really stands out and is buggin me.
  6. How to: get more bass from factory Bose subwoofer

    In Car Electronics
    Has anyone installed 808Speed6's pre-amp on a 09-10 M6? Was wondering if its the same as in the Gen1 M6.
1-6 of 6 Results