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  1. What are some aftermarket products you want for the 3rd Gen 6?

    Yea the aftermarket for the 6 is very small. I guess I'm use to owning cars with larger aftermarket support.
  2. Want 3 pedals? Get your '18 NOW!!

    It's all about money. They know they can charge more for the Automatic models plus they're more money to maintain & replacing them would cost $5K range (Dealer Cost). Manual transmissions cost less in maintaining & even if you had to replace all the main components (Slave cylinder line, Clutch...
  3. How can I lower my car on the cheap?

    Obviously there will ALWAYS BE THAT ONE PERSON who just wants ATTENTION no matter if it's positive/Negative or Non-Intelligent (Like this Post). This dude isn't a car enthusiast whatsoever just some cry baby who was has all this money & lack of inspiration/will power to use it on educating...
  4. Is a 2007 Mazda 6 with 200k a good buy?

    Newbie Section
    They should look at their bank account first to make sure they have enough $$$ available for repairs at that mileage/age.
  5. 2014 Mazda 6 has been great except...

    Newbie Section
    I've ran kuhmo Ecsta on previous car I've owned years ago & they were the only brand that I would always pick up Nails/screws with. IDk why that was, they were OK during summer but winter & wet conditions were not so enjoyable. I stay way from that brand now being Online reviews & forums sway my...
  6. 2.5T Boost Guage

    Interior Modifications
    Personally that's a bit pricey for just a boost Gauge especially if you're stock. The hard part is finding a location to actually mount it where it looks OEM/Stock & not on the column which looks tacky.
  7. Aftermarket 2.5L headers installed

    2.5L I-4
    That's very Impressive!
  8. Traded up to a 2018 Mazda 6 turbo

    Newbie Section
    Welcome aboard I think Mazda really missed a large selling point with only making the Turbo models mated with Automatics.
  9. Amazon basics synthetic motor oil!

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    Yea some stuff he says I take with a grain of salt. This video was pretty informative though. I think he brags too much about how Amazing Toyota's are. I can't drive Toyota's, they bore me to death.
  10. Amazon basics synthetic motor oil!

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    I like his videos as well. I know Scotty Kilmer did a video on this stuff as well. Sounds like pretty good quality oil for the price.
  11. 3 Years & Still in Love

    Probably a WRX
  12. 3 Years & Still in Love

    The only reason I still keep the car is because the payment is under $200/Mo & I owe $9K left on it so I just deal with it. Plus with a home mortgage I'd rather use my extra cash from the low car payment towards my project vehicle. Upside about it is if the Mazda6 gets wrecked then I wouldn't...
  13. 3 Years & Still in Love

    I wish I felt the same, first time in 10 years that I never look back at my car. I guess compared to other Sedans on the market It's nice but not really my cup of tea. I just miss having RWD & TQ.
  14. 2014+ JBR short shift plate

    Engine & Transmission
    Been running this JBR plate for over a year, no issues & definitely makes the shifts shorter.
  15. 2016 Mazda6 Touring Non-Bose stereo questions

    In Car Electronics
    Regarding to the door speaker install, I hope you have the patience & tools to swap those out. easily 3-4 hour job from start to finish if you're reusing the stock speaker mounts. You will need to retro fit them for aftermarket 6.5 speakers. Dremel (Cutting wheel), soldering Iron, Power drill...
  16. Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ Dead?

    Other Cars
    Yea I wouldn't be surprised if the 86/BRZ got the axe. The Supra would be the latest (Not greatest) thing in the sports car segment for Toyota. So if I saw a Toyota 86 sitting on the same lot as the Fugly Supra but is $10K cheaper for a few less ponies then yea I'd take a Subie boxer-4 over a...
  17. New to modding my mazda 6

    Newbie Section
    If you want to modify cosmetically then sure you're good, performance wise you'll be disappointed, trust me! My last 2 Prior cars which I modded pretty heavily (350z & Genesis Coupe Turbo), so trust me this car bores the hell out of me performance wise.
  18. Base Sport Manual Review

    Consumer Reviews
    It's stupid that a Sunroof wan't an option for the Touring model or that a Manual wasn't offered in the Grand Touring. It's a lose lose situation.
  19. Check Engine Light Sticky?

    Nothing really....
  20. Check Engine Light Sticky?

    Is there somewhere in the Forum where we can have a Sticky/Thread just for Engine Codes & troubleshooting that Particular Issue per Generation of Mazda 6? The Title of the Thread will Only be the Engine Code name & within the thread would be just info needed to resolve the issue.
1-20 of 176 Results