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  1. 2008 body-kit

    Exterior Modifications
    With all this attention on the looks of the JDM mazda6, don't you guys think/hope/believe a reputable company like Erebuni would build a kit that will fit USDM version 6 body kit that looks like the Euro version, or maybe even better. I just think Mazda keeps making the same mistake over and...
  2. Talk me into/out of a new Lexus IS 250

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    I looked at the car and the design right off the start makes everyone want one, no doubt about that. But if u look closely you are getting the same car as the 6. Before anyone hangs me for this comment let me try to justify it. If u can pass up all the luxuries they are similar, same...
  3. New official pics US Mazda6 2006

    im guessing you need buy the cross bars to make the luggage rack functional depending on what ur carrying (surfboard, hardcase luggage carrier). This is what most car companies are doing with the so called luggage rack. I cant believe the integrate fogs are gone. THat was incredibly unique...
  4. Anyone else have this?

    3.0L V6
    Well checked the P/s, all good. No dirt on the cap or any other evidence of any kind of squirting. I am also assuming that it would of been all over the engine cover too if it did and not squirt specifically to that location so even though im not completely sure, i can say that it is not the...
  5. Anyone else have this?

    3.0L V6
    well i cleaned it up and going to check to see how long it takes for it to accumulate again. Ill let mazda know about it and ill check my power steering level, although i didnt know thats where the pump was.
  6. rattle in my rear

    Models / Trim
    dude I have the same problem.. I have been ignoring it for the past 2 years but it got the best of me tonight...Time to end it... but I dont think this is from the two leather pieces rrubbing. It sounds like a metal rattle but I checked underneath the seat and ntohing i can notice out of the...
  7. Squeekie/rattling back seat

    Models / Trim
    mine seems to be coming from the passger side seat. I own a sedan...I usually apply weatherstripping to all the hard plastic surfaces but Where da fuck is it coming form the seat. I checked underneath seat and i cant find it...

    Models / Trim
    Well to answer ur question I just took apart the whole center middle console and dash as much as I can and applied rubberized weather stripping to all the places that the two plastics meet. That has solved all of the dash/console rattles. But maybe u can help me out with this or someone else...
  9. I want this SO BAD!

    Other Cars
    love the specs but hate the car :barf: seems like the car will fall apart going 80mph from the extra vibrations caused by all that power. I dont think the original chasis can handle that. and i hate to say it but what a waste. $60000... spend $40000 on a stang or vette and invest another...
  10. The 6 is not very sporty

    Consumer Reviews
    I dont even think he owns the car... I think he is just trying to piss people off....He hates the car so much that he actually spend the extra time to have his own signature for his posts (the picture of his "POS") I dont even have a signature and I have been on this board for a while.
  11. Anyone else have this?

    3.0L V6
    [attachmentid=8106] Pretty much what the topic title states. I have oil sludge/residue on the top back end side of the engine. Underneath the black plastic and on top of the exposed aluminum engine. There are just plastic pieces there and nothing else i know of, but there is oil sludge there...
  12. As promised..My '06 Grand Sport Pics...

    Newbie Section
    door edge guards an option??? damn... Post some pics of the interior at night and maybe some people will want the look of the HIDs at night also
  13. Brake pedal noise

    Suspension / Brakes
    thats exactly right. My dealer;s supervisor tried the same bs to me. Without even hesitation i told him lets go test a BRAND new 6 off the lot. That slowed his scamming ass down quick. then they tried to cover it up with WD-40 thinkin i wouldnt notice but the car reaked with the smell. I...
  14. New Mazda 6 2006...

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    no glowing climate controls.....thats all i have to say...=( i dont even want to talk about the ground effects... on a brighter note for some reason i have a gut feeling that the new biggger 6 in 07 or 08 is going to be beautiful...i have nothing to base this on, just a gut feeling...for me...
  15. Mazda and Ford and the 6...

    Mazda6 (Atenza)
    this is what i dont understand and maybe u guys could answer it in this topic since i didnt want to start a new one for this query. the same engine duratec 3.0 found in our 6 produce 220hp, 192lbs of torque at first, now in 2006 ford fusion, lincolne zephyr, mercury milan, produce 221hp with...
  16. Brake pedal noise

    Suspension / Brakes
    I havent been around a while to tell u my update. I had to wait about a month before i received my master cylinder. Major back order. After it was changed my brakes feel like the first day, as they should. I was also one of those people that had the booster changed first. That was pretty...
  17. test

    Test Area
    [attachmentid=7203] [attachmentid=7202]
  18. Electroluminicent gauge

    In Car Electronics
    the whole cluster..
  19. Electroluminicent gauge

    In Car Electronics
    Well I never even touched the needles at first when I put it in. Which means someone else played with them if it occured. Can i just pop those needles off by lifting them up or is there another step i need to do? one last question is if ur right about the the gauges being fine, which i hope...
1-20 of 248 Results