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  1. Center console armrest cover loose

    Models / Trim
    I fixed it. Thanks a lot and thanks blizoid for the offer.
  2. cooled seat, heated handle can I?

    Interior Modifications
    I am looking into this too. My last car had cooled seats and I really need to get that back. I'll let you know if I find anything. I'm looking for stock look.
  3. Hoen Xenonmatch fog light question

    Electrical / HVAC
    I am not a fan of the HIDs that came with the 6, but I had Hoen fogs to match. On facebook I saw someone had MORIMOTO XB LED FOGS from the retrofit source and how great they were. I figured I'd rather spend some extra money and make the lights brighter instead of poping open the headlights...
  4. Here is an example of a top notch m6 android HU

    Electrical / HVAC
    I've looked through the forum and haven't seen an answer... I'm assuming you can receive text messages on the HU? I'm also assuming you don't have to select to download the message too like in the stock HU?
  5. WANTED: Original Mazda6 radio, working or not

    So you are just looking for the connectors then? I do not know why you need someone else's radio when you wouldn't get the connectors. You should be able to get the connectors from Mazda, you will need to put wires into it, but I am sure no one will give you their wiring connectors...
  6. OEM HID projectors

    Electrical / HVAC
    I had a RX 350 and I have a 14 6 GT and the headlights are nothing compared to the RX. I am thinking about swapping the lenses from TRS. The lenses are fuzzy unlike the RX
  7. Headlights don't shine up and out far enough

    Exterior Modifications
    It was the size that this site put out... And they are the same for the HIDs and the Halogens. I have the HIDs with the AFS. You actually have to turn them a lot to get them to move.
  8. Headlights don't shine up and out far enough

    Exterior Modifications
    I hope this helps
  9. Here is an example of a top notch m6 android HU

    Electrical / HVAC
    Which HU did you get? I was thinking about getting the 9" one and wondering of that was the one you got?
  10. Forward sensor array icing

    Models / Trim
    If you make a 75% alcohol, 25% water combo, then mix and spray on the windshield, it will remove it all. I am not sure if you get it on the paint, you might want some wax.
  11. Smart Rover 9" Android Head Unit.

    Electrical / HVAC
    How is the bluetooth with this unit and I'm assuming the text messages are like stock android and not the crappy mazda "Do you want to download"? Does this have HD radio? Has anyone installed a working version which had Bose?
  12. Android Auto - anyone changed headunit for that?

    In Car Electronics
    I'm assuming this isn't for the stock HU? Am thinking greatly in replacing mine. I'm over the 36k and they told me it would be $380 to replace the module. I bought the car used and didn't realize it didn't have the new module in until 37k. Side note, Does anyone know if changing the HU will...
  13. Headlights don't shine up and out far enough

    Exterior Modifications
    You can adjust them, put your car into aux mode and adjust them. Make sure you move the wheel a few times, then back to the middle, to let the auto leveler adjust. Then adjust them. Mazdas seem to do this forum what I've read in the forums. I have a 14 and had to do that too.
  14. Infotainment Hacks

    In Car Electronics
    So this only works with the 16 mazda 6s, not the 14/15s...connecting it though ssh?
  15. LED Trunk Light Swap in Under 60 Seconds

    Electrical / HVAC
    I know I am bringing up an old topic, but for some reason when I installed my leds, my lights are on when the trunk is shut and off when the trunk is open. Has anyone else had this issue? My voltage is around 6.5v. I have done many mods with the electrical system in Toyotas, but not in Mazda...
1-15 of 15 Results