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  1. LOW MPG

    3.7L V6
    Comparing gas mileage between cars is like comparing the lenght of two rubber strings. Which one appears shortest depends heavily upon how it is being used. And the same thing applies to cars. I used to complain about gas mileage with my old 6 (2002 model hatch, 2,0 l fourbanger), which was...
  2. LOW MPG

    3.7L V6
    My 6 hatch 1:st gen needen 0,95 l/100km on average (you do the conversion). This was a 2,0 l fourbanger with 141 hp. My new 6 wagon is a 2,5 l fourbanger with 170 hp. Although I drive this more aggressively (I think) than the old model, initial average fel consumption has been around 0,91. If I...
  3. LOW MPG

    3.7L V6
    I've had mine since May (we got it earlier here in Sweden). The engine in a new car these days isn't new. Well ofcourse it is, but it has been broken in already at the factory in a test bench. But the rest of the car needs to loosen up, and it does. However, it is very likely a bad MPG is...
  4. What to Buy for Speed 6 Rear Tires??

    Speed6 Suspension/Chassis
    Reposting is a no-no.
  5. winter tires and wheels

    Wheels / Tires
    Living in an arctic climate and with many years of experience in winter tires of all kinds, I'd have to agree with what was said above. Go for 16". It's not only a matter of getting cheaper tires. It's also a matter of safety (more air gives softer wheels wich in turn makes the tires better to...
  6. Annoying Engine Noise

    2.3L I-4
    Mazda builds what may very well be the best engines in the world, only accompanied at the top by Honda. There is a reason Mazda was appointed development center for fourbangers within the Ford group (Ford owns 1/3 of Mazda which due to Japanese law puts them in control). Mazda were pioneers in...
  7. 1st month 2nd gen owning report

    Future Models
    Well... I have no space between my body and the seat. I guess that says more about my body than the seats? Muhahaha. I agree the seats are firm, but as you I have leather trim and I didn't have leather in my previous one, so the comparison is a bit difficult. Forgot this in my first post...
  8. Finally I got my Mazda6 2nd gen

    Future Models
    That's the thing with all things Ikea. You need pics to understand how it's supposed to be and work. Pic's will come. In the meantime, you can look at the pics and other stuff at They have the same site as here in Sweden, but in english, which I guess is a benefit...
  9. Finally I got my Mazda6 2nd gen

    Future Models
    The cargo volume is huge. It's even bigger than in mkI which wasn't too bad either. And I love the way that the cargo compartment cover (I guess there's a fancy word for it in english also - we call it "insynsskydd") folds and is lifted upwards when you open the tailgate. There's two wires...
  10. 1st month 2nd gen owning report

    Future Models
    It's been a month since I reluctantly let go of my 1st gen 6, THE car of the past 5.5 years. Sold it to my brother though, so that I can (if anxiety attacks occur, which they probably will) go smell it anytime I wish to. Now I have my new 2.5 Sports wagon of the 2nd gen. So how has the first...
  11. Finally I got my Mazda6 2nd gen

    Future Models
    Thanks. Yes, it's a real looker. But it's not the head-turner the first gen was. Simply because there's a lot more cars out there with a "modern sleek look" than there was five years ago. It's raining all the time here, so I haven't had any chance to take any new pics, but I'll post a 1st month...
  12. Those little things

    Future Models
    Yes, and this all boils down to how you're gonna use the car. I also think that the car at times was too soft, but never too quiet (noise makes you tired, no matter how refreshing the sounds of a high performance engine can be for a while. Tired drivers=bad drivers, 40% of ALL accidents happen...
  13. Finally I got my Mazda6 2nd gen

    Future Models
    My Nikon D70 got broken the other day (the famous BGLOD error, to those familiar with this particular camera). Bought myself a new D80 while the D70 is on repair. So I'm gonna take some more pics, but it's been raining for a couple of days here and the car is... well, not clean... But I'll get...
  14. Those little things

    Future Models
    I had the 1st gen hatch. If we were offered only the sedan, I'd still be driving my 1st gen car. But since we were offered all three body types, I went for the wagon. Now, that's versatility. Personally I like sedans better than hatches or wagons, but I live in reality with two small kids. And...
  15. Those little things

    Future Models
    Yes, I agree that during certain circustances, that's true. It's defintiely a bit nervous, but on the other hand it is also more forgiving. A trade-off. As so many other things with engineering products, you can't have everything. Electric steering servo means less fuel consumption, but also a...
  16. Those little things

    Future Models
    I love sporty. And I definitely think my new 6 is sportier than the previous 6. But it's in a kinda different way. It's a more mature car, and less of a boy racer. Still it has a lot of attitude. And even though it's a looker, it's not the head-turner the previous 6 was simply because it's not...
  17. My Silver 2005 Mazda 6i

    Before and after tint, perhaps?
  18. My Silver 2005 Mazda 6i

    Nice car! Looks just like my previous 6, although it was a hatch (and Euro style tail lights). Miss it, even though I'm happy about my new 2nd gen 6. Oh... I removed the double and triple post of this. Only use the post button once. :)
  19. Guaging Interest - 16" stock 6i rims

    Wheels & Tires
    You can't post pics later to be in compliance. Pics are supposed to be in the first post of the thread. You've been around for four years and not noticed this?
  20. FS: ...stuff 6s

    Engine & Transmission
    Please follow forum buy/sell rules. Thread closed.
1-20 of 379 Results