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  1. 2014 M6 Touring with AT price

    Release / Pricing
    I got my new 15 Touring Automatic for 21,650 plus tax and license, 2.9 percent financing for 63 months, 3k down. Going to go to my credit union for 1.9 this week. Car has no options except auto trans and pearl white paint. Sticker was $25,915.
  2. What Vehicle Were You Thinking About Buying BEFORE the 6?

    Why the 6?
    I had looked at the Chrysler 200S, the big selling point for me was the 295hp Pentastar V6. However when I looked at it it was just a little disappointing overall. Cheap feeling interior in some places, strange rotary dial shifter, no backup camera (and terrible blind spots). The clincher was...
1-2 of 2 Results